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It’s no secret that many online poker rooms give out a poker bonus on the entered sum in the game. It is needed to say that our online poker room is no exception, and also give out a solid bonus on your first deposit. The size of bonus arrives 200% of your invested funds, but can’t exceed $850. Agree, such poker bonus will not only please any player, but also will open up new horizons for him in the game, because the size of bonus is rather impressive. It's possible surely say that the first deposit bonus can be not only a major addition to the starting capital, but also the key to a successful game in the future. more....

Mini Tournaments for 18 players!

Black King Poker will run every evening Mini Tournaments on schedule. Take part in one and get the second for FREE!


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VIP Club

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Bank  $470

Blind  $20 / $40          Question's archive >>>>

Cash game $20 - $40

You are on the button with two aces A A. A middle position player raises it, and you re-raise. The flop looks like two players 9 7 2. You place the bet, the middle player raises it, and you re-raise. The turn is T. You place the bet, and your opponent raises it, so you match it. The river is J. Your opponent places the bet. The pot is $470.

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